We design beautiful, energy efficient buildings
that don't cost the Earth

Who we are

Fernanda Sá

Architect (FAUTL), MPhil in "Construction" (IST) and PhD in "Sustainable Architecture" by the University of Cambridge, UK. Specialized in matching the solar passive systems and materials to the mediterranean climate of Portugal, improving the space comfort and reducing the construction's environmental impact.

Bruno Figueiredo

Architect and Urbanist (FAUTL) and multipurpose professional, he dedicates to developing and optimizing solutions where the user is always in the first place. He is leading the design of intelligent systems for domestic energy management, aiming to optimize the comfort of the building occupants.

Contact us

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NEOARQ - Arquitectura Sustentável e Recuperação
Rua do Polo Norte, nº14, 2.1
1990-266 Lisboa

Tel: (+351) 211 310 999